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Reduced costs due to the use of ERGOLASTEC® work mats. According to the BKK health report published in 2015, 30.9% of work stoppages are due to musculoskeletal diseases. This is equivalent to an average of 19.9 days of work stoppage per employee for back pain. The use of ERGOLASTEC® rubber mats allows you to actively promote the well-being of your employees and reduce company costs.

30,9 % work stoppages in 2014 were due to musculoskeletal diseases
19.9 days of back pain. Average duration of work stoppages: 19.9 days per year.


The secret of our ergonomic rubber mats is based on the synergy of specific geometric faces (upper and lower face) that stimulate permanent compensation movements. This means that the anti-fatigue mats are developed in such a way that the body swings naturally and the leg and calf muscles make slight movements all the time. This reduces unilateral pressure on the intervertebral discs and ensures a balanced load on the dorsal muscles. The spine is stabilized.


Thanks to the ergonomic ERGOLASTEC® workstation mats, KRAIBURG guarantees absolute reliability and safety. In addition to the high-quality material with high wear resistance and anti-slip properties, the user-specific patterns on the surface and underside provide an optimal solution for efficient employees:

  • Activation of the muscle pump
  • Dynamisation of the leg muscles
  • Reduction of signs of fatigue
  • Damping effect when standing and moving


The work of Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. has an important objective: to act collectively against the number one disease.

The AGR aims to encourage research on back pain prevention and the dissemination of the results of this research in order to contribute to the fight against back pain (§2 of the AGR Statutes e. V.).

An independent expert committee composed of various medical specialities controls the products according to specific specifications and awards the AGR quality label to ergonomic products that successfully complete this strict process. ERGOLASTEC workstation mats were awarded the AGR quality label in 2016.

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