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Benefits for Cows

Softness and durability

Softness measurements before and after extreme stress show that the KRAIBURG cab covers remain as soft and robust even after a permanent load.

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Taking care of the "well-being" joints

Soft rubber comfort mats are soft on cow’s joints and improve joint health regularly.

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Advantage of Kraiburg cabin linings

The robust rubber coverings with a high degree of softness offer many additional functions. They provide drier and non-slip areas with an ideal thermal balance.

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Higher milk yield thanks to Kraiburg coatings

KRAIBURG soft cab covers and elastic rubber floor coverings increase cow’s milk yield.

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Economic efficiency

Rubber floors are profitable: minimum bedding requirements, minimum labour input for cabin maintenance, higher milk yield, lower claw processing costs, improved fertility, inventory replacement costs.

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Soft walking zones - Softness makes all the difference!

KRAIBURG rubber treadmills are particularly suitable for the natural requirements of livestock: optimal softness protects against overloading and promotes healthy claws.

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KURA carpet and its advantages - proven for more than 10 years

The robust and thick KURA rubber floor for walking areas offers many advantages: ideal softness and improved slip resistance. The mats are stable in position and shape, installation is simple and quick.

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Claw health

Keeping cows on KURA mats significantly improves claw health in a short period of time.

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Natural animal behaviour "well-being".

KRAIBURG rubber floors for walking areas provide support for cows, so that mounting (breeding) and licking under the hind leg or cleaning is possible without slipping. Cows feel safe.

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Better mobility

KRAIBURG rubber floors provide the necessary mobility for your cows. Cows can move around without restriction and visit the different functional areas of the cow house.

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KRAIBURG lane mats are hygienic: there is no higher germ formation on the surface of the rubber mat or under the mat, so hygiene in the livestock house is preserved.

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