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Problem :
On hard floors, claw damage often occurs, over 80% of which occurs on the outer claws of the hind legs

The outer nail is about 3 mm longer naturally.

Source: Muggli, E., 2007

Contact naturel au sol des bovins: La griffe postérieure descend en premier et absorbe donc la charge maximale :

Natural Cattle Ground Contact: Posterior claw goes down first and therefore absorbs maximum load :

Source: Schmid, T., Weihaupt, M.A., Meyer, S.W., Waldern, N., Peinen, K.V., Nuss, K., 2008. figures: Karl Nuss, Zürich

Flooring requirements

The claw sinks approx. 3 mm in the ground for optimum protection against overloads.

→ The soft KURA coating is specially adapted to the natural requirements of the cow!

Suitable for new construction, as well as for the renovation of slippery floors or damaging claws

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